about us:

it is the mission of top shot concealed handgun training to offer our students the most thorough and comprehensive training while teaching the texas d.p.s. mandated 4-6 hour license to carry (LTC, FOrmerly chl) course.

our instructors are current or former law enforcement officers with over 35 years of experience in teaching firearms courses as well as being well versed in the texas penal code.

the 4-6 HOUR ltc course consists oF THE use of force, non-violent dispute resolution, safe storage and handling, and handgun use. the ltc course is not a course that is designed to teach shooting proficiency or skills. if you are a new or infrequent shooter, please see our additional handgun instruction courses that are available. NO HANDGUNs OR AMMUNITION ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM!!!!

our basic handgun course goes into great detail in how to shoot safely and effectively. our iNtermediate and advance classes go into much greater depth to improve your shooting skills and teach you how to defend yourself if the situation ever arises.

it takes more than gun ownership to be proficient in shooting.


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